We believe that shoes are the finishing touch of any outfit and it is very important to complete the look with the Perfect Pair”.

So our craftsmen work passionately in order to make the perfect pair. Our shoes make a statement with every step. we only use rare and exclusive leather. Our mission is not only to be known for our shoes; but would rather be know for our Soles. Our designs justify the statement “Life is too short to wear boring shoes, Sobuy the Shoe”.

We focus on style, comfort and craftsmanship, we combine all in one pair ofshoe. All our shoes are handstiched to perfection. Our shoes age well. All ourdesigners have penchant for creativity. We embody elegance with contemporary styling. Our designs are aesthetic aped and are a style quotient to every outfit.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a fabulous pair of shoe” lets get you the perfect pair.