About us

Ivrah Shoes came into existence with a sole thought of bringing epitome of class to the people who are fascinated by nothing but style. It completes one’s look by finding the perfect pair that matches not just the outfit of a person but also enhances the overall personality.

We bring for you on the table plethora of styles which includes some classics like Derby, Oxford, Patina, Monk and many more! Believe us no outing can ever go wrong if you wear what boosts your confidence and not just style.

Ivrah Shoes respects and empowers the individuality of its clients; hence it has come up with customised shoe option as well, another feather to our cap! It is basically empowerment of different people with constant innovation!

We thrive to give our customers exquisite luxury at competent prices and aim our passion at thriving for nothing but the best!

So just get going and start shopping at Ivrah.com now; we know we won’t disappoint you, so explore through the website and do let us know what you liked the most!

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a fabulous pair of shoe” lets get you the perfect pair.